Work diary exemption

In certain circumstances, drivers may have literacy and print media impairment that makes using their National Driver Work Diary (work diary) very difficult. In these cases, the drivers (or an operator acting on their behalf) may apply to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) for a work diary exemption (permit). This exemption allows the driver to nominate an alternative way to record their work and rest details, which are subsequently transcribed into their work diary by a scribe they nominate. Drivers issued with a work diary exemption (permit) must carry it at all times.

To apply for a work diary exemption (permit) the driver, or an operator acting on their behalf, must submit an Establish work diary or record keeping exemption (permit) form (PDF, 262KB) to the NHVR.

Those applying for a work diary or record keeping exemption (permit) must include a letter from a competent person explaining the reason the driver is applying for this permit e.g. level of literacy skills and print media impairment. This can be:

  • a psychologist
  • a speech pathologist
  • a doctor
  • a Literacy, Language and Numeracy Practitioner
  • a person who is qualified and able to assess the driver’s English literacy.

The application form must include:

  • the name of the driver
  • conditions of exemption (proposed alternative methods of keeping records and transcribing them into a work diary)
  • the name of the nominated person (a third party who agrees to transcribe records into the work diary on the driver’s behalf)
  • how long you want the exemption for.

If the work diary exemption (permit) is granted, the nominated person (scribe) is legally required to make written work records for the driver. Accordingly, they will need to sign the application form for work diary exemption (permit) to show that they are willing to do this. The NHVR will contact the nominated person to confirm they are aware of their obligations and responsibility for filling in a work diary on behalf of the applicant.

For more detailed information download the Work diary exemption (permit) fact sheet (PDF, 1.06MB).

Work diary exemption (permit) forms

If you're thinking about applying for a work diary exemption please contact the NHVR for more information.


Where can I get help with filling in a work diary?

Your employer or more experienced drivers may be able to help you fill out a work diary for the first time. You can also contact the NHVR for more advice on filling out a work diary. Some registered training organisations offer the course Complete a work diary in the road transport industry (TLIE3028A). Visit to locate a training provider.