NHVAS applications and forms

Online applications in the NHVR Portal

From Monday 2 December 2019, operators are now able to submit NHVAS applications through the NHVR Portal

The benefits for submitting your NHVAS applications through the Portal include:

  • managing your account information
  • reviewing your application status
  • reviewing you accreditation status
  • reviewing driver and vehicle lists
  • paying for your application
  • viewing payment history
  • tracking audit associated responsibilities.

We recommend you download and read the relevant guide for the accreditation module/s you are interested in, before submitting an application.

It is an offence to fail to display and maintain National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme labels on heavy vehicles under the Maintenance Management Accreditation scheme and the Mass Management Accreditation scheme. 

NHVR Portal webinar

Sign up at NHVR Portal webinar - New Features in Release 6.1.2 for an online demonstration of how to complete an NHVAS application in the NHVR Portal at 11am AEST Monday 2 December 2019.

Email, post and fax applications

If you are submitting your application by email, fax or post, please ensure you have completed the "payment details" section on the application form.

The step-by-step guide below provides a checklist that will help you submit a National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) application. Clicking on the "All forms" tab provides a list of all NHVAS forms and templates.

Note: Please use the latest version of Adobe Reader when opening and completing an NHVAS application form. You can get the latest version of Adobe Reader free from http://get.adobe.com/reader. All forms should be saved to your computer before opening and completing, to avoid any web browser issues.

    Please note: The step-by-step guide and online submission through this page will soon be removed. By the end of December 2019, ALL online applications for NHVAS must be done through the NHVR Portal.

    All forms

    This page provides all the forms you need to apply for services or inform us of changes to your business.

    Note: All forms should be saved to your computer before opening and completing, to avoid any web browser issues.

    NHVAS accreditation forms

    NHVAS general forms

    Compliance audit notification (CAN) form

    NHVAS auditor forms

    RTO application form

    Additional forms and templates that may be required to support an NHVAS application

    Step By Step guide

    Step 1 - Select Category

    Note: All forms should be saved to your computer before opening and completing, to avoid any web browser issues.

    Select one of the following accreditation categories
    Categories *
    Application Type *
    Application Type *
    Application Type *

    Step 2 - Download Forms & Checklist

    This screen contains your checklist of items that is needed in order to process your application. You can print the checklist for use in the preparation of your application. The required application form can then be downloaded by clicking on the Download Forms link

    Step 3 - Upload Application Forms

    Through this online submission you can upload your completed NHVAS form and make payment using your credit card. To complete this process you will require an electronic copy (scanned hardcopies are acceptable) of all required documents including the application form itself (a checklist is included on the forms).

    Note: The tax invoice will be sent to whoever's details are entered in the Billing Contact Information fields on the first page of the online submission page.

    Please ensure you have read the relevant guidelines and followed the instructions for making an application before proceeding.

    Applications that are incomplete or have incorrect payment information, may be delayed until correct details are obtained.