National Class 1 Agricultural Vehicle and Combination Notice

Project scope

To develop a single National Class 1 Agricultural Vehicle and Combination Notice to authorise the operation of agricultural vehicles and combinations. This national notice will replace transitional arrangements for agricultural operations in several states and will harmonise the dimension limits and standard operating conditions for agricultural vehicles and combinations.

Current notices

There are currently five states that provide notices authorising the use of agricultural vehicles and combinations. These notices can be found on the Gazette notices - Agricultural vehicles access page.

Issues paper

The NHVR has conducted an analysis and comparison of existing notices and produced a project scope statement and comparative analysis supporting the development of a new national notice. These documents have provided the basis for identifying key issues to be addressed in developing a new national agricultural vehicle and combination notice. The following paper details key issues regarding inconsistencies between the current state notices and provides the NHVR’s preliminary policy positions to create a nationally harmonised notice.

Issues Paper - 2017 Drafting of the Agricultural Vehicle and Combination Notice (PDF, 644KB)

Draft key positions

Clearly defined positions have been developed for all key issues underlying the development of a new nationally harmonised notice. These positions are summarised as follows:

  1. Use of consistent definitions as set out in the Heavy Vehicle National Law and Heavy Vehicle (Mass, Dimension and Loading) National Regulation (MDL Regulation).
  2. Maintain and expand the range of agricultural vehicles and combinations allowed to operate under notice.
  3. Implementation of a new national limit classification system for the determination of agricultural vehicle and combination access within the currently established state areas/zones (currently considering 5 classes).
  4. Improved consistency of access conditions.
  5. Use of Schedule 8 of the MDL Regulation regarding warning devices requirements.
  6. Improved consistency of night travel requirements.
  7. Consistent limits for length, height, width and rear overhang developed around the limit classification system. In some instances these dimensions may be increased.
  8. Speed restrictions while towing an implement with no brakes will be as per Schedule 8, Section 24 of the MDL Regulation.
  9. Harmonised mass limits.
  10. Improved consistency of load carrying conditions and braking requirements (conditional to implementation of towed ratios).