Frequently asked questions about Heavy Vehicle National Law

Does the HVNL apply to heavy vehicle transport activities on private roads?

In some cases, yes.

However, the NHVR’s role as a national coordinator for access management doesn't extend to negotiating access to private roads that aren’t accessible to the public, such as those on mining sites. Under the HVNL, private road managers remain responsible for managing access to their own properties.

Under the HVNL, are there requirements for drivers regarding compliance with third party insurance legislation?

No. Such requirements will only apply when the NHVR begins administering a national heavy vehicle registration system.

You should check with your state or territory road transport authority for requirements that apply.

Who do I talk to about a ticket I received?

State and territory road and transport authorities and police services are still responsible for managing infringement/expiation notices under the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL). Contact details for the relevant authority should be printed on the back of the infringement notice itself.

Will you be publishing a list of states and territory HVNL derogations?

Any derogation to Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) is the responsibility of each state and territory and therefore should be published either on the relevant state/territory’s website or their parliamentary counsel’s website. These derogations are being continually reviewed and advice on their harmonisation will be provided progressively.