NHVAS fee schedule

Note: Trailers cannot be nominated for mass management accreditation.
Establish, maintain or add accreditation module/s Accreditation fee
Mass $84.00
Maintenance $84.00
Basic Fatigue (BFM) $84.00
Advanced Fatigue (AFM) $127.00
Establish, maintain or add multiple accreditation modules Accreditation fee
Note: $ value for calculation of multiple modules.
Mass + Maintenance $168.00
Mass or Maintenance + Basic Fatigue (BFM) $168.00
Mass or Maintenance + Advanced Fatigue (AFM) $211.00
Mass + Maintenance + Basic Fatigue (BFM) $252.00
Mass + Maintenance + Advanced Fatigue (AFM) $295.00
Vehicles to be nominated or remain in accreditation module/s Vehicle fee
Mass Management $27.00 per vehicle
Maintenance Management $27.00 per vehicle
Mass + Maintenance Management $54.00 per vehicle