Introduction to AFM booklet launched at forum


Introduction to AFM booklet launched at forum

The NHVR has released An Introduction to Advanced Fatigue Management (AFM) booklet during the recent second Fatigue Safety Forum.

NHVR Fatigue Specialist Andreas Blahous said the new booklet would provide simple information for operators seeking access to more flexible work and rest hours. 

“AFM can be a powerful tool that allows businesses to unlock flexibility in their operations while reducing complexity and improving safety,” Andreas said.

“The flexibility available within AFM gives operators peace of mind through more control over work and rest hours, places a focus on risk management and can result in a significant return on investment. 

“This booklet provides an introduction to some core aspects of AFM including information about the key benefits, requirements and application process.

“There are currently more than 50 AFM accredited operators across Australia and we want to see those numbers grow through making the process simpler and promoting the benefits.”

Earlier this year, as part of a new application toolkit, the NHVR released the first in a series of AFM booklets, showing examples of operating limits and countermeasures that are currently in use.

“The NHVR is currently finalising our response to the National Transport Commission’s paper on Effective Fatigue Management and the forum is a good opportunity to discuss the options we are considering,” Andreas said.

“Fatigue reform is one of the most critical areas for reform as part of the HVNL Review and it’s one of the most discussed topics when we meet with drivers and businesses.”

An Introduction to Advanced Fatigue Management is available at

The NHVR conducted its first Fatigue Safety Forum in October last year. Click here to see the Summary of Outcomes from the first forum

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