Accreditation services set to join the NHVR Portal

Accreditation services set to join the NHVR

National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme services will be available in the NHVR Portal from 2 December 2019.

Operators will be able to manage their NHVAS tasks including:

  • submitting an application
  • managing account information
  • reviewing application status
  • reviewing accreditation status
  • reviewing driver and vehicle lists
  • paying for applications
  • viewing payment history
  • tracking audit associated. 

From Friday 29 November, the NHVR Accreditation team will start transferring NHVAS applications received via email, fax or web forms to the NHVR Portal. 

The team will complete and upload applications on behalf of operators so it will be easy to maintain or renew in the future. 

From Monday 2 December, the Accreditation Service will be available for operator use.

Advantages of using the NHVR Portal include:

  • easier process for updating your vehicles and driver details
  • automated reminders for managing and maintaining your Accreditation
  • linked information across NHVR services, giving you a view of activities across your whole account
  • real-time display of your vehicle registration against your Accreditation Vehicle list, removing the need to submit additional paperwork when there is a change to registration status
  • one-click ordering for replacement labels and interception report books.

To find out more about managing your Accreditation account through the NHVR Portal join the webinar here. The session will include:

  • a demo of the new Accreditation service
  • easy to follow steps on how to activate and access Accreditation services
  • market functionality and how to use the NHVR Portal for processing Accreditation (NHVAS) applications.

If you have any questions about the new services available in the NHVR Portal, please contact the NHVR Call Centre on 1300 MY NHVR (1300 696 487).

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