PBS Vehicle standards

Vehicles are assessed under the Performance-Based Standards (PBS) scheme according to 16 minimum vehicle performance standards to ensure they are stable on the road and can turn and stop safely. Additionally, there are four infrastructure protection standards.

Below is a short description of the current standards illustrated by a diagram. For more information please refer to the PBS Standards and Vehicle Assessment Rules (PDF, 2.3MB).

Longitudinal performance (low speed)
Ability to commence forward motion on specified grade
Ability to maintain forward motion on specified grade; and achieve a minimum speed on 1% grade
Acceleration capability
Ability to accelerate either from rest or to increase speed on a road
Tracking ability on a straight path
The total swept width while travelling on a straight path
Directional performance (low speed)
Low speed swept path
The maximum width of the swept path in a prescribed 90° low speed turn
Frontal swing
Maximum lateral outswing of the front outside corner of the prime mover and trailer
Tail swing
Maximum lateral out-swing of the outside rear corner of the truck or trailer as the turn commences
Steer tyre friction demand
Maximum steer tyre friction in a prescribed low speed turn
Static rollover threshold
The steady-state level of lateral acceleration that a vehicle can sustain during turning without rolling over
Rearward amplification
Measures the ‘whip crack’ effect of a lane change manoeuvre
High speed transient offtracking
The lateral distance that the last-axle on the rear trailer tracks outside the path of the steer axle in a sudden evasive manoeuvre
Yaw damping coefficient
The rate of decay of the “sway” from the rearmost trailer after a single pulse steering movement.
Infrastructure protection standards
Pavement vertical loading
Degree to which vertical forces are applied to the pavement
Pavement horizontal loading
Degree to which horizontal forces are applied to the pavement
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Tyre contact area
Degree to which tyre contact pressure is distributed over the pavement
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Bridge loading
The maximum effect on a bridge measured relative to a reference vehicle