Development and registration

To develop an Industry Code of Practice for registration, an entity or individual must follow the steps outlined in the


NOTICE OF INTENTION - 8 November 2019

This notice commences the 12 month notification period for Amendment of Guidelines for Preparing and Registering Industry Codes of Practice.

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These Guidelines are published in conjunction with the following nine Schedules. Schedules 1-7 must be completed and submitted to the NHVR to process registration of the code of practice. Schedules 8 and 9 are for information purposes only.

Stage 1

Stage 2

  • Develop industry code of practice through research and industry consultation

Stage 3

  • Submit industry code of practice and supporting documents for assessment.

Stage 4

  • Assessment Panel assesses proposed Industry Code of Practice
  • Pay assessment fee

Stage 5

  • Registered Industry Codes of Practice (RICPs) must be maintained and reviewed in accordance with statutory conditions.