National Compliance Information System (NCIS)

The National Compliance Information System (NCIS) will be the amalgamation of compliance and camera data from states and territories to provide a national set of heavy vehicle related compliance and monitoring data.

The NCIS is a project designed to leverage existing State and Territory investments in Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras and systems for heavy vehicle monitoring. These investments include Safe-T-Cam in New South Wales and South Australia and ANPR cameras in Queensland, Victoria and other jurisdictions.

Throughout 2017, the NHVR will test and validate the amalgamation of heavy vehicle related compliance and camera data to allow the use across borders and to provide a true national picture of the heavy vehicle fleet.

The NCIS will allow the NHVR and partner agencies to identify and target behaviours and operators that represent the greatest safety risks. This will save time and money for governments and improve safety and productivity for the heavy vehicle industry by reducing the effort associated with low-impact enforcement activities.

National Safety Camera Network - Victoria

During 2017 the NHVR will facilitate the installation of five new camera sites in Victoria. Joint Media Statement 11 April 2017 - New camera to boost Victorian heavy vehicle safety

Victoria - National Safety Camera Network map (562KB)
Victoria - National Safety Camera Network map