National Compliance Information System

The National Compliance Information System (NCIS) is a national set of heavy vehicle-related compliance and monitoring data captured using state and territory cameras and monitoring systems. It contains nationwide information about Australia’s heavy vehicles—their movements, drivers and operators— providing a truly national picture of the heavy vehicle fleet.

The NCIS facilitates data-sharing across state and territory borders, allowing the NHVR and partner agencies to deliver a nationally coordinated approach to targeting unsafe and non-compliant behaviours.

The benefits of the NCIS include:

  • better targeting of unsafe practices
  • fewer delays and increased productivity for compliant operators
  • improved road safety for all road users.

The NCIS program commenced in 2015 and is co-funded by the Commonwealth Government through NHVR’s Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative for additional cameras and data sharing.  

National Safety Camera Network

The NCIS is supported by the National Safety Camera Network, a national network of cameras used to collect heavy vehicle compliance and monitoring data that feeds into the NCIS.

The installation program began in 2017, with cameras installed at nine sites in Victoria, five in Queensland, two in the ACT, with new installations planned for Western Australia.

Once installation at all sites has been completed, the integrated camera network will provide complete national visibility of Australia’s heavy vehicle activities.