Special Purpose Vehicle in-principle support

Apply for Special Purpose Vehicle in-principle support through the NHVR Portal.

This application is for operators or owners of heavy Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) who are seeking in-principle support for the registration and use of a SPV.

The NHVR will coordinate your in-principle support application by liaising directly with registration authorities and road managers.

Only the NHVR may grant a vehicle standards exemption under HVNL. The HVNL is not intended to prohibit the use of non-complying heavy vehicles that have a genuine reason for using the road but to facilitate the use of such vehicles provided that their impact is fully considered.

The NHVR will consider vehicle standards and safety and access issues to decide if the application can be approved.

An industry guide to in-principle support approvals (PDF, 676KB) contains more information on in-principle support requirements.

Before applying to the NHVR for an in-principle support:

  • Ensure your application is comprehensive and includes all additional information (for example, engineer’s reports, photos, diagrams or schematics) which will help us to assess your application.
  • DO NOT complete an Exemption permit application if you have completed a Modification application.

Applicants should NOT commence the import or manufacture of a SPV without in-principle support approval by the NHVR.

An application is not complete unless all sections are complete in the NHVR Portal and all relevant documents have been attached with the application. Incomplete applications will not be able to be submitted in the NHVR Portal. 

Once an application has been submitted, we will notify you by email of the expected assessment time. We may ask you to provide additional information to help us assess your application.