Draft Heavy Vehicle Productivity Plan 2020–2025

Consultation closed Friday 17 April 2020. 

As Australia’s dedicated statutory regulator for all heavy vehicles above 4.5 tonnes—with a direct regulatory relationship with all levels of government and the heavy vehicle industry—we are uniquely positioned to coordinate a national approach to addressing Australia’s growing road freight task.

The Draft Heavy Vehicle Productivity Plan 2020–2025 (the Draft Plan) contributes to a national agenda for improving access and productivity. It is directed by three objectives, which resulted from extensive literature research and pre-submission consultation with government and industry stakeholders:

Objective 1: Provide access certainty and consistency

Objective 2: Partner with local government to build capability

Objective 3: Promote safer and more productive vehicles that are better for the environment and communities.

The development of the Draft Plan was also informed by the Commonwealth Government’s National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy, Review of Oversize Overmass Access Arrangements (OSOM Review), state and territory government freight plans and strategies, and work by the National Transport Commission and Austroads.

The Draft Plan aligns with and complements the heavy vehicle and road freight objectives identified by our government partners, inclusive of how we intend to implement aspects of agreed recommendations where the NHVR is a relevant and suitably responsible party.

Importantly, the Draft Plan also confirms our commitment to supporting government partners to deliver some of their initiatives.

Why we’re consulting

The purpose of this consultation is to seek feedback on the Draft Plan from government and industry stakeholders. This feedback will be used to:

  • inform the final Plan and develop the accompanying Action Plan, with the release date of these currently expected to be in mid-2020
  • refine the objectives, goals and proposed actions
  • estimate timeframes for deliverables
  • nominate relevant stakeholders with whom the NHVR will partner to deliver certain actions.

Key documents

Making a submission

There is no prescribed format or maximum length for submissions, which may contain facts, opinions, arguments or recommendations.

Submissions over three pages in length should include a summary of key comments and recommendations at the beginning.

Submissions must be submitted via email to info@nhvr.gov.au by 5pm AEST Friday 13 March 2020.

The NHVR cannot guarantee that submissions received after close of submissions will be considered.

Publication of submissions

Unless clearly indicated (e.g. marked ‘IN CONFIDENCE’ or ‘CONFIDENTIAL’), submissions received may be made public at the NHVR’s discretion.

The NHVR will consider all submissions received by close of submissions, whether published or not.

The NHVR reserves the right to edit or redact part or all of a submission, or withhold a submission from publication on any grounds, including, but not limited to, offensive language, potentially defamatory material or copyright infringing material.

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