NHVR releases user-friendly bus chart


The latest NHVR chart simplifies the variations of buses that are approved to operate under Australia's Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).

NHVR Access Manager Roger Garcia said the Variations of Buses chart would assist operators to match their vehicles against the access requirements in different states under the HVNL.

"This new chart illustrates common examples of General Access, along with Class 2 and Class 3 notices as defined under the Law," Mr Garcia said.

"While the NHVR, bus industry and state jurisdictions continue to work towards consistent access requirements, there are variations between states of which operators should be aware.

"For example, rear overhang under a Class 3 notice varies between 4.3 to 4.9 metres depending on whether you are operating in Queensland, Victoria or NSW.

"The chart also looks at maximum length, weight and other network and access conditions."

The chart highlights some of the more common configurations such as two-axle urban buses, three-axle coaches and rigid low-floor passenger buses.

It also highlights some of the less common configurations such as Controlled Access Buses and Articulated Buses up to 18 metres long.

The Variation of Buses chart was developed after requests from industry to assist with compliance. It will also assist to standardise roadside enforcement.

Bus Industry Confederation Executive Director Michael Apps said the chart was another step towards consistency between states.

"I look forward to working with the NHVR over the coming months to further standardise access regimes between states," Mr Apps said.

"By improving awareness of the differences between states, we can improve understanding for operators in each state and Territory."

The chart is the third in an NHVR series, following the release of Classes of Heavy Vehicle chart and Common Heavy Freight Vehicle Configurations chart last year.

Click here to download the Variations of Buses chart.

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