NHVR road manager hotline

State jurisdiction and local government road managers can contact the NHVR road manager hotline for assistance on 1300 880 493 or email

All other types of enquiries should be done through our contact us page.

NHVR Portal


The NHVR has range of FAQs, work instructions and guides to help road managers with how to use the NHVR Portal - Road Manager Module.


The Restricted Access Vehicle Route Assessment Tool (RAVRAT) is a cutting edge on-line tool capable of performing route assessments for restricted access vehicles. The tool provides local governments with a consistent assessment methodology, providing a defensible position when responding to access requests.

RAVRAT is now free for local governments from participating jurisdictions through the support of NHVR and local government associations.


Permit amendments

Reference tools

The links below are provided as a reference tool for councils in their role as road managers.

Other resources

Local government associations