Fatigue record keeping exemption

The Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) sets out several record keeping obligations on record keepers for drivers of fatigue-regulated heavy vehicles to help them in the execution of their obligation to manage driver fatigue, meeting chain of responsibility (COR) requirements and ensure that driver’s activities are able to be monitored.

In some circumstances the record keeping requirements for record keepers can be extremely difficult to comply with or can result in multiple record keeping systems being kept for different legislative obligations. In these cases, operators can apply for a fatigue record keeping exemption (permit) from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR).

To apply for a fatigue record keeping exemption (permit), you must submit an Establish work diary or record keeping exemption (permit) form (PDF, 262KB) to the NHVR. The application must include the operator’s details, a description of the proposed alternative record keeping arrangements and a completed drivers list containing the names and details of drivers who will be working under the record keeping exemption if it is granted.

For more detailed information download the Fatigue record keeping exemption (permit) fact sheet (PDF, 398KB).

Fatigue record keeping exemption forms

If you're thinking about applying for a record keeping exemption (notice) please contact the NHVR for more information.