National Spatial Program

Delivering the next generation Route Planner

Accurate heavy vehicle route planning is critical to ensuring the safety of drivers, productivity of freight movements and sustainability of road infrastructure across Australia.

Using the NHVR’s interactive online mapping tool—Route Planner—operators can plot routes, calculate time and distance, and apply for heavy vehicle access from road managers across all jurisdictions.

To improve the accuracy, consistency and timeliness of route planning for the industry, the NHVR is enhancing the Route Planner’s mapping capabilities through the National Spatial Program.

What is the National Spatial Program?

The National Spatial Program will deliver a nationally consistent route planning platform for the heavy vehicle industry using consistently sourced data.

Specifically, the program will:

  • address data quality issues in the existing route planner
  • deliver a single national map that will display all gazetted and pre-approved networks nationally and allow industry to route against those networks in the first instance
  • upgrade the existing Route Planner to enable intelligent routing and mapping capabilities. This will give road managers access to a centralised tool to update their networks based on changing conditions, and allow the NHVR to provide instant alerts (e.g. natural disaster alerts) and near real-time spatial route data directly to industry via in-cab devices and mobile phones
  • allow the NHVR to share data sets directly to councils and jurisdictions
  • provide road managers with self-service capabilities to update gazetted and pre-approved routes with local conditions in near real-time.


The first phase of the solution will be delivered incrementally, beginning in late 2021.

More information

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