Safety risk management

Identifying and reporting hazards is an important first step in the risk management process and, along with near miss and incident reporting, this information can be used to help develop your businesses risk register.

A Risk Register is a very important part of your approach to managing risk. You can use the On-site Risk Assessment template as a starting point to assist you to document the details from a risk assessment before you add the completed assessment details to your Risk Register. The On-site Risk Assessment template will also assist you to identify the measures and controls you have to respond to your risks.

Using a Risk Register will also assist you to maintain a current record of your risks and will give you an ongoing understanding of the controls you have and the further treatment you propose.

The Incident Report template is designed as a quick and straightforward document that will assist your employees to record the initial details after being involved in an incident or near miss. We have also included a worked example that can be used to demonstrate to your employees how easy it is to complete an incident report.

The incident as documented in the worked example flows through to the Incident Investigation worked example and should assist you when conducting your own incident investigations. The Incident Investigation template and worked example can be found in the Safety Assurance section of the website.

The guidance material and templates below will assist you to develop parts of your SMS that relate to the Safety risk management component.

The NHVR may develop more guidance material on safety risk management over time, so make sure you Subscribe to On the Road to be informed when they become available.

Hazard identification

Risk management

The documents in this section address the following SMS elements: Risk assessment and mitigation/treatment and Risk monitoring and review.

Incident reporting