Safety risk management

A Risk Register is a very important part of your approach to managing risk. It’s a tool you can use to document risks you’ve identified in your business and also the measures you’re taking to respond to them. Essentially, using a Risk Register means you can maintain a current record and ongoing understanding of the risks that affect your business.

While a Risk Register is a great preventative tool, it’s also extremely important to make sure people report any safety-related hazards, incidents and near misses. These need to be investigated so that measures and controls can be put in place to manage the risk. Your SMS should therefore include hazard and incident reporting processes for use by everyone in your business.

The guidance material and templates below will assist you to develop parts of your SMS that relate to the Safety risk management component.

Hazard identification

Risk management

The documents in this section address the following SMS elements: Risk assessment and mitigation/treatment and Risk monitoring and review.

Incident reporting