Safety assurance

Safety assurance is the process of monitoring and checking how your SMS is performing. It’s about looking at the things you’ve put in place and the things you’re doing on a daily basis to manage safety to see what’s working well and what isn’t. The information you gather through different safety assurance activities allows you to make changes to your SMS and ensures it’s continuously improving.

Safety assurance means that you carry out regular monitoring through investigations, audits and inspections of the tasks and processes that apply to your business and identify whether any additional controls are required. The identification of additional controls should link directly to taking a risk management approach to managing safety and the risks you should have previously identified and assessed on your risk register.

The guidance material and templates provided below will assist you to develop parts of your SMS that relate to the Safety assurance component. These will guide you in investigating an incident and documenting the outcome of your investigation.

Internal safety investigations

We have concentrated on the incident investigating element so far but the NHVR is also developing additional guidance material to help you carry out other safety assurance activities. Make sure you Subscribe to On the Road to be informed when further materials become available.