Safety promotion and training

Safety promotion is an important part of an SMS. Safety promotion includes activities to support the implementation and operation of an SMS in a business. Promoting safety as a core value in your business will help you foster a robust safety culture. Safety promotion can also help improve safety performance by communicating lessons learned and broader safety information through the distribution of the SMS Manual and safety procedures within your business.

Two-way communication should always be encouraged, as you want your employees and third parties to raise safety issues, participate in your SMS and suggest how to improve it. Safety messages can be:

  • communicated through toolbox talks, daily briefings and employee meetings
  • documented formally on safety fact sheets, alerts and posters
  • communicated informally when managers and supervisors have discussions with employees.

When it comes to safety communication, it’s important that managers and supervisors lead by example and promote a consistent safety message.

Safety-related training ensures your employees know what’s required of them and that they have the knowledge, ability, skills and support to work safely. However, it’s not a case of one size fits all—training programs should fit the needs and complexity of your business. Providing appropriate safety training to your employees—regardless of their role in the business—gives them a better understanding of your SMS and helps make them part of your business’s safety goals and objectives.

The NHVR is currently developing guidance to help you carry out safety promotion and training activities. Make sure you Subscribe to On the Road to be informed when further materials become available.